Bollywood movies that gave us travel goals

Travelling, It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. — Ibn Batuta

If you come to think of it, movies have such a strong influence on us. A Bollywood movie is a mixture of some major and some minor requirements, each vitally important and one of this requirement is having a picturesque location. Indian Cinema has covered the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland and Kashmir, and also some beaches of Rio and Goa. Certain films have also managed to make villages look quaint and inviting. Road trips, cruise ships, treks, getting stranded on an island, bachelor party trips, songs, etc. are some of the ways they make us fall in love with exotic locations and give us some breath-taking travel goals. So let’s take a look at some globe-trotting ideas that Bollywood gave us.

Here are some movies that gave us major travel goals, and increased our wanderlust like never before.


A city that we only read about in our favourite comic Archie, Corsica came forward as one of the places that we all added to our travel bucket lists. From turquoise blue beaches to mystic hills, it has all that you need in a French town. The film showed the place so beautifully that each frame looked like a picture postcard. The movie shows most of the Mediterranean island in its true glory- from its mountainous city streets and dense forests to glistening blue waters and rugged peaks.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This movie has been one of the best road trip movies that India has seen so far. The carefree road travels in Barcelona, the breath-taking deep-sea-diving in Costa Brava, the super-fun Tomatina festival in Bunol, the liberating skydiving in Seville, the Bull Run in Pampola. Three men on a bachelor's trip, driving across Spain, thrilling on adventures like scuba-diving and sky-diving and living the best life. We bet that we all wanted to go to Spain for a vacation after watching this movie.


Dil Dhadakne Do, will definitely give you instant family travel goals. The strengthening of family ties over a cruise escapade with destinations like Turkey, Spain and Tunisia sounds like the best travel plan. You’ll definitely want to head straight to the booking counter with your family, once you are done watching this one. The sequences on the cruise ship had a beautiful ocean in the background and stunningly dressed people in the foreground.


Travelling with friends is the best thing ever and this movie is proof. From trekking in the snow-clad hills of Gulmarg to attending a gorgeous wedding in Jodhpur, this movie has given us major travel and destination wedding goals, for sure. Aside from the breath-taking scenes in Gulmarg (Kashmir), Europe in few portions and Udaipur, This movie surely gave thousands of major travel goals.


From the greenery of Punjab to the gorgeous streets of Amsterdam and Budapest, this movie just makes us want to get our Schengen visas right now! The destinations make for the perfect, adventure-filled vacation.


Queen inspires all the girls out there to drop their fears, take a call and travel solo at least once in their lifetime. The movie is about a girl who embarks on a solo trip to Paris which was supposed to be her honeymoon trip.

Rani, the main protagonist falls in love with herself while wandering around the gorgeous streets of

Paris and Amsterdam. The movie beautifully redefined the concept of solo travel. The journeys we take by ourselves are the journeys we take into ourselves, indeed.


A classic, that defined the idea of a Goa trip with our friends. The movie stands out to be one of the most iconic movies, that not only gave us travel goals, but also major friendship goals. The perfect road trip from Mumbai to Goa, with your friends was how our travel bucket list begins. They created the ultimate destination image of Goa. The movie features quaint beach towns, golden-sand beaches, palm-fringed coastlines, back-country spice farms, quintessential churches and forts, and mouth-watering Goa Cuisine. This movie has contributed a lot to tourism for Goa. The movie also showcases the iconic city of Sydney, Australia


The idea of a girl going on a vacation with her girlfriends to Europe was first introduced by DDLJ. The Swiss Alps and the lush greens where Raj and Simran get lost and it made me want to fly down there, right in that moment DDLJ, a directorial debut by Aditya Chopra, made us all fall in love with the Swiss Alps .The story revolves around the love story of a boy and girl, both NRI living in London who meet on a vacation in Europe with their friends. They both travel on the Eurostar with their friends at exotic locations of Zweissimen, Gstaad, Jungfrau, and Interlaken.


A pinch of romance, a dash of comedy, a sprinkle of drama, and a lot of places – Love Aaj Kal gracefully portrays the complications of long-distance relationships.

The story takes you on a jaunt through London, Delhi, Kolkata, Punjab, and San Francisco. With beautiful visuals from the quaint villages of Punjab, narrow streets of Old Delhi, colorful locales of London, oldest neighborhoods of Kolkata, and a sight of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, Love Aaj Kal pushes you to leave the comforts of home and explore the world.

Its sequel, Love Aaj Kal 2 perfectly showcases the beauty of the untouched and quaint village of Chitkul in Himachal Pradesh at Indo-Tibetan border aka The Last Village of India.


Apart from the unusual tale of an alien stuck on the earth, what caught my attention was the picture book city of Bruges in Belgium that served as a perfect setting for the love story in the first half of the movie.

The gorgeous canals, charming cobbled streets, and medieval buildings made me fall in love with Bruges. Did you know PK is the first Bollywood movie shot in Bruges?

The movie also takes you through some of the most intriguing sites in Delhi like Agrasen ki Baoli, Chandni Chowk, Cannaught Place, and the colourful and countryside town of Rajasthan, Mandwa. You’ll get a taste of the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.


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