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Packing Tips To Make Travel Easier✌

Going on vacation after your hectic work life with so many thoughts to cherish every moment, planning about the activities that you’ll do, the unique experiences you’ll about to get. You pack every bits & bob and start your journey, land on the destination with your heart filled with zeal and passion.

But what if you end up with a heavy suitcase and everything you remember from the place is, how difficult it was for you to manage it! What if you forget something very important to keep and you waste hours on acquiring those because sometimes it’s very hard to get what you want especially when you’re far from the market place.

In any of these situations, you don’t want to waste your time in hurrying and worrying. So here are some of the quickest and important tips before you travel that will certainly be helpful while packing:

* List up your essentials

Try to think of everything which you’ll need. Pack according to the itinerary (Day wise)

* Roll in layers, not fold your clothes

Rolls will take less space and prevent the clothes from wrinkles also. You can use newspaper also to prevent them from wrinkles

*Liquid items in a separate polybag

Otherwise, if something leaks it’ll ruin everything like footwear, clothes, etc. And also pack the mini versions of your essentials

* Keep a small medical kit

Add pills like for headache, vomit, stomach pain, etc. And if you carry anti allergies, band-aid then it’d be great

* Footwear in a shoe bag or shower cap

Use a shower cap or shoe bag to pack footwear to avoid the clothes from getting dirty

* Avoid taking different footwears for every outfit

Keep those shoes or footwears which can be wearable on different outfits and not make you old fashioned

* Pack an empty tote bag for used laundry

You never know when you’ll need them, especially for things like dirty clothes, which are always an afterthought. They weigh nothing and come in SO handy, so don’t forget a few!

* Pack more tops than the bottom

Try to be versatile with few clothes to escape you from overpacking

* Thread and needle are the saviors

Believe it or not, but they can prove to be your friend and help you out from the difficult situations

* Split up your valuables.

Do not keep all your money in one place. Split your money between you and your family, some change in your inner pockets, and so on.

* Never pack things “JUST IN CASE”

Let’s be real! these situations not more often come up so avoid it and if you need a special item, just take that opportunity to indulge in some shopping.

* Leave room for souvenirs or keep an extra foldable bag

When we visit any place, we try to collect something as a memory but when we start packing to return, it looks very difficult to put them in the bag. So always try to keep some room for those items.

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